Driving Wheels Logbooks

Introducing our new NZTA Approved Worktime Logbooks - Driving Wheels Logbooks. Log Books NZTA Trucking Logbooks. Worktime Logbook Originators. New Zealand Transport Association Approved.

About Us

Norm and Chris Jones

'Owners and Originators'

Driving Wheels Logbooks

Driving Wheels Logbooks are produced by a team of highly skilled Transport-Industry savvy Tradespeople. Every Logbook is checked for quality and NZTA requirements, resulting in a logbook that not only meets our expectations but also exceeds the expectations of our customers. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile.

Driving Wheels Logbooks are NZTA-approved, generic or personalised to suit customer requirements including their photo and logo, prestart, health and safety details, incident report sheets etc.

Contact norm@fortressprint.co.nz or phone 027 303 5264 and talk with Norm 'the Logbook man behind those Driving Wheels'

Contact Chris if you can't get a hold of Norm, or for account inquiries: chris@fortressprint.co.nz or phone 021 223 6487